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    May 2019, Serving again as judge on the global Data Journalism Award organized by the Global Editors Network

    Mar 2019, Invited to join The Future of Digitalisation regional foresight workshop organized by KAS, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    Jan 2019, Participated FAT (Fairness, Accountability and Transparency) Asia event organized by the Digital Asia Hub in Hong Kong

    Dec 2018, Published a chapter “Alternative Data Practices in China” on Data Journalism Handbook 2.0 

    Oct 2018, Organized and moderated a panel on Data Journalism in China at the Uncovering Asia conference, in Seoul, Korea.

Why Open Data Is Good for China

(This op-ed was originally published on Global Policy, Mar 2017. The team at the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) offered a lot of help from shaping the structure to editing the language. Special thanks to Joel, Mirko and Maddie.) In the past decade, open data has grown out of a conceptual discussion into a global … Continue reading

How data and social media are transforming investigative journalism in China

If you put “investigative journalism + China” in Google search bar, you will probably be disappointed with the few results it returns. There is a book about it <Investigative Journalism in China: Eight Cases in Chinese Watchdog Journalism>, which I read a few years ago and would still recommend. For the English-reading world, there is really limited … Continue reading

New Journey: Innovation x UNDP @Bangkok

This is official:
I have joined United Nations Development Programme’s Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific in mid August.
My title is given as: Innovation Communications & Technology Expert – hard to tell what it means.
Since Bangkok is where the regional office is located, I have moved here from Hong Kong.

CitizenMap: Birth and Death

In the digital media world where three months grows a new generation, the CitizenMap of the South China Morning Post, which was developed and launched in late 2010 and now been taken offline, seemed like a dinosaur. However, as the project manager back then, I found the necessity to document the existence of the short-lived platform. … Continue reading