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    Mar 2017, Invited to a panel on journalism for Ogilvy Asia Pacific, in Bangkok, Thailand

    Dec 2016, Invited to speak at Google News Summit, on data journalism in China, in California, U.S.

    Nov 2016, Invited to be new Jury member for the 2017 Data Journalism Award

    Apr 2016, Offered a pro bono talk on "Data Storytelling" for World Vision's staff in South East Asia.

    Apr 2016, Led and instructed MOOC "Data Journalism Fundamentals" .

    Jan 2016, Selected as one of the 25 Global Governance Futures Fellow

    Sep 2015, Panelist on "Investigating Corruption: the New Muckrakers" at the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

    May 2015, Organized the first Data Journalism and Visualization Forum in Shanghai, China.

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How data and social media are transforming investigative journalism in China

If you put “investigative journalism + China” in Google search bar, you will probably be disappointed with the few results it returns. There is a book about it <Investigative Journalism in China: Eight Cases in Chinese Watchdog Journalism>, which I read a few years ago and would still recommend. For the English-reading world, there is really limited … Continue reading

New Journey: Innovation x UNDP @Bangkok

This is official:
I have joined United Nations Development Programme’s Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific in mid August.
My title is given as: Innovation Communications & Technology Expert – hard to tell what it means.
Since Bangkok is where the regional office is located, I have moved here from Hong Kong.

CitizenMap: Birth and Death

In the digital media world where three months grows a new generation, the CitizenMap of the South China Morning Post, which was developed and launched in late 2010 and now been taken offline, seemed like a dinosaur. However, as the project manager back then, I found the necessity to document the existence of the short-lived platform. … Continue reading

Open Data Hong Kong

Lately I’ve been involved in a newly-started but energetic community here in Hong Kong, which connects enthusiasts from different disciplines to collaboratively push forward the open data development in this city. As a professional in data journalism and a citizen caring about transparency of information, I am very thrilled to be part of this group. So far, … Continue reading