New Journey: Innovation x UNDP @Bangkok

This is official:

  • I have joined United Nations Development Programme’s Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific in mid August.
  • My title is given as: Innovation Communications & Technology Expert – hard to tell what it means.
  • Since Bangkok is where the regional office is located, I have moved here from Hong Kong.

This is a short-term consultant role – starting with three months, and may last longer. I will be working with country offices across Asia to push for innovation: new skills, new tools, new ideas. I know it sounds vague and opaque, and I felt the same before I got to know more about the projects: crowdsourcing flood warning in Bangladesh, virtual parliament in Bhutan, mobile application tackling e-waste in China, phones against corruption in PNG … there are more. If any of these sounds interesting, you may read more here.

I do find these interesting. And I am very excited to be part of it. People ask me what my dream gig is like. And this is very close. I’ve been staying on the cutting edge of digital media for the past few years, while following non-profit technology closely. Now this position magically mix all these together – at least in the title. It’ll be challenging, and there’s lots to learn. But I am really thrilled, here in a new city, with the new assignment.

Let the journey begin.


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