One Year of Digital Transformation Journey

Some personal reflections after one year into the digital transformation journey at UNDP in New York.

Book Chapter: Alternative Data Practices in China

After almost an year, my chapter on the Alternative Data Practices in China is now published virtually on the Data Journalism Handbook 2.0 – the bible for the practitioners in the space.

CitizenMap: Birth and Death

In the digital media world where three months grows a new generation, the CitizenMap of the South China Morning Post, which was developed and launched in late 2010 and now been taken offline, seemed like a dinosaur. However, as the project manager back then, I found the necessity to document the existence of the short-lived platform. … Continue reading

Confessions of a social media editor

This post first appeared on the IJNet site. “What does a social media editor do?” This is exactly what I typed into Google before I started my job at the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong as its first-ever social media editor in the summer of 2010. The search results were not that satisfactory. One of … Continue reading