May 2020, Speaker at an online discussions on post-COVID challenges, focusing on economic and social vulnerabilities esp. digital divide, organized by Digital Asia Hub.

Feb 2020, Served as judge on the global Sigma Awards, successor of the Data Journalism Award.


Oct 2019, Attended Wuzhen Summit, the biggest annual internet conference in China.

Oct 2019, Observed Sherpa Meeting of UNSG’s Digital Financing Task Force, in Washington DC, USA

Aug 2019, Started new job at UNDP Headquarters as Digital Transformation Specialist, in the Executive Office of the Administrator.

Jun 2019, Relocated to New York, U.S.

May 2019, Keynote speaker at a national data storytelling conference in Shanghai, organized by the Paper.

May 2019, Serving again as judge on the global Data Journalism Awards organized by the Global Editors Network

Mar 2019, Invited to join The Future of Digitalisation regional foresight workshop organized by KAS, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Jan 2019, Participated FAT (Fairness, Accountability and Transparency) Asia event organized by the Digital Asia Hub in Hong Kong


Dec 2018, Published a chapter “Alternative Data Practices in China” on Data Journalism Handbook 2.0.

Oct 2018, Organized and moderated a panel on Data Journalism in China at the Uncovering Asia, one of the biggest investigative journalism conferences globally, organized by the Global Investigative Journalism Network, in Seoul, Korea.

Feb 2018, Gave a sharing on Data Journalism Practices in China for the International Alumni Centre of the Robert Bosch Foundation.


Dec 2017, Gave pro-bono talk on Data Journalism Fundamentals at the Data Bootcamp for Thailand Journalists, organized by DataLeads and UN Foundation, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Jun 2017, GGF Fellow 4th and final trip to Berlin, Germany. Published foresight report Data Power Dynamics: Who Runs the World in 2027?

Mar 2017, Invited to a panel for Ogilvy Asia Pacific leadership training programme, discussed mainly about digital media innovations in the region, and how PR industry shall cope with it.

Mar 2017, Published op-ed “Why Open Data Is Good for China” on Global Policy Journal.

Jan 2017, GGF Fellow 3rd trip to Delhi, India.


Dec 2016, Invited to speak at Google News Summit, on data journalism in China, in California, U.S.

Nov 2016, Invited to be new Jury member for the 2017 Data Journalism Award, organized by the Global Editors Network.

Sep 2016, GGF Fellow 2nd trip to Tokyo, Japan and Beijing, China.

May 2016, GGF Fellow 1st trip to Washington DC, U.S.

Apr 2016, Offered a pro bono talk on “Data Storytelling” for World Vision’s staff in South East Asia.

Apr 2016, MOOC “Data Journalism Fundamentals”officially started, where I was Content Lead as well as one of the instructors. The free mass online course is offered by the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong, and sponsored by Google News Lab. It attracted around 4000 participants from more than 100 countries.

Jan 2016, Selected as one of the 25 Global Governance Futures Fellow, in the “Data Governance” working group. The programme is organized by the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) and funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.


Oct 2015, Attended the 9th Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Lillehammer, Norway. Provided training workshop on basic Excel.

Sep 2015, Panelist on “Investigating Corruption: the New Muckrakers” at the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Aug 2015, Attended UNDP Asia Pacific Innovation for Development workshop (provided by Nesta) in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Aug 2015, Panelist on “What makes data journalism works in the newsroom?” at the d|bootcamp Taipei.

Jun 2015, Provided training on data journalism to editorial team at the Initium Media, a start-up in Hong Kong.

Jun 2015, Co-trained IREX data journalism workshop #6 in Hong Kong for 32 Chinese media professionals.

May 2015, Delivered a talk about data journalism to staff at the Shanghai Media Group, a multimedia television and radio broadcasting, news and Internet company based in Shanghai, and the second biggest media group in China.

May 2015, Organized the first Data Journalism and Visualization Forum in Shanghai, China. The event got together a dozen speakers nationally and attracted more than 200 attendees.

Apr 2015, Provided data journalism training to faculties at the School of Journalism and Communications, Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. (The school did a story on the workshop)

Mar 2015, Panelist on “The Need for Investigative Journalism in Free Society” at the IPI World Congress in Yangon, Myanmar.


Dec 2014, Co-trained IREX data journalism workshop #4 for 35 Chinese professionals in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, in the north-west of China.

Dec 2014, My semi-academic paper on “Data Journalism in China” is published as a book chapter.

Nov 2014, Panelist on “How to find and use data in Asia” at the First Asian Investigative Journalism Conference in Manila, Philippines.

Nov 2014, Attended the Asia-Pacific Innovation Summit organized by UNDP in Bangkok, Thailand.

Oct 2014, Presented “Challenges of Data Journalism in China” at an international open data symposium in Shanghai.

Oct 2014, Lectured on the latest trends and developments of data journalism at the journalism school at Fudan University in Shanghai.

Sep 2014, Relocated to Bangkok, Thailand.

Aug 2014, Joined UNDP Regional Bureau for Asia Pacific as Innovation Consultant.

Aug 2014, Internal training on data journalism for Chengdu Business Daily, a leading newspaper in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

Jul 2014, Co-trained IREX-Caixin data journalism workshop #3 for 20 Chinese professionals in Beijing, themed on public health.

Jul 2014, Attended Open Knowledge Festival in Berlin, Germany.

Jun 2014, Presented “Data Journalism in China” at a greater China academic roundtable on social media and journalism, hosted by National Chung Cheng University in Taiwan.

May 2014, Invited as “Sun Yat-sen / Nandu Visiting Scholar“, offered two-day data journalism workshop for Southern Metropolitan Daily’s editorial team, and gave a talk on Global trends and local development of data journalism in Greater China for the Communication School of the Sun Yat-sen University.

Apr 2014, Co-trained IREX-Caixin data journalism workshop #2 for 20 Chinese professionals, incl. reporters/ editors/ programmers/ designers. Themed environmental journalism, and workshop held in Beijing.

Apr 2014, Invited talk at “Transform China Public Forum” in Guangzhou, talking about how grassroots non-profits can better use new media. The forum is co-organized by Sun Yat-sen University and Guangdong Harmony Foundation.

Mar 2014,  Invited talk at TEDxHFLS in Hangzhou, themed First Glance.

Feb 2014, Organized a “Hacks/Hackers Beijing” event, themed “How non-profits and media can utilize open data for social good“, where professionals from UNDP, New York Times Chinese, Sohu, Sina, Tencent, Free Lunch Program, NGO 2.0 etc. participated the salon discussion.

Feb 2014, Internal training for‘s editorial team on basics of data journalism. iFeng is the news portal website for Phoenix TV Group.

Jan 2014, Reuters chapter closed. New journey on consulting/ training/ book-writing starts.


Dec 2013, Hacks/Hackers Hong Kong chapter officially approved and kicked off with a networking event. Serve as co-organizer.

Dec 2013, Co-trained IREX-Caixin data journalism workshop #1 for 20 Chinese professionals, incl. reporters/ editors/ programmers/ designers. Themed financial journalism, and workshop held in Guangzhou.

Oct 2013, Invited lecture on data journalism at the journalism school of Fudan University in Shanghai.

Aug – Sep 2013, Completed Data-Driven Journalism: Basics offered by Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas.

Sep 2013, Chaired a panel on infographics at the Hacks/Hackers Beijing launching event.

Aug 2013, Internal training for Tencent’s editorial team and Southern Metropolitan Daily’s investigative team, on practical skills and tools of data journalism.

July 2013, Named on the list of “Top 100 Tech Bloggers In Hong Kong to Advertise With“. Honoured.

Jul 2013, Internal training on the topic Social Media for Social Change for an international non-profit organization, with its staff from Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei and Seoul joining.

May 2013, Invited to attend the first International Symposium on Civic Media and Information Technology in Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China.

May 2013, Speaker at TEDxHFLS in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Talked about how to take mini gaps to make impact. HFLS stands for Hangzhou Foreign Language School, which is my alma mater where I stayed from 1999 to 2005.

May 2013, Guest speaking on crowdsourcing at the Data Journalism class in the Journalism and Media Studies Centre of the University of Hong Kong.

May 2013, Attended the first Open Data Hong Kong hackthon weekend and worked on the Data.One Analysis Project, which involved looking at 19 PSI Open Data sites from around the world and providing specific recommendations to HK’s open data portal from UI, UX, dataset perspective.

May 2013, Panellist at a webinar on the topic “How to embrace the social media revolution”, with Liz Heron (Director of Social Media & Engagement at the WSJ), Rebecca Heptinstall (Social Media Manager at the FT), Thomas Crampton (Asia-Pacific director of Social Media at Ogilvy & Mather), and Jay Oatway. The event organized by the Society of Publishers in Asia.

Apr 2013, Invited to attend the third Circumvention Tech Summit in Hong Kong. Met a bunch of cool geeks.

Mar 2013, Connected China, a Reuters web app that tracks and visualizes the power in China, was launched.

Jan – Feb 2013, Audited Computational Journalism, a graduate level course offered by the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong, instructed by Jonathan Stray from Associated Press.


Sep – Nov 2012, Completed Social Network Analysis offered by, instructed by Lada Adamic, Associate Professor in the School of Information at the University of Michigan.

Oct 2012, Travelled to Shanghai to meet media professionals, digital folks, social entrepreneurs, and academics in Fudan and Jiaotong universities’ journalism school.

Oct 2012, Offered training on social media to editorial staff of the Jiangmen Daily, a local newspaper in Jiangmen, a city with 4 million population, located in Guangdong.

Aug 2012, Attended an Internet Entrepreneurs Forum in Shenzhen as participant.

July 2012, Invited lecture on data visualization to New Media Training for Journalists of Western China, hosted by Caixin, a leading financial and business news provider in China.

May – July 2012, Completed Human Computer Interactions offered by, instructed by Scott Klemmer, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University.  Earned statement of accomplishment with apprentice track, which requires watching all lecture videos and after-class quizes.

May 2012, Offered training on data journalism to editorial staff of the Southern Metropolis Daily, a daily tabloid newspaper published in Guangzhou.

May 2012, Attended a series of workshops on entrepreneurial journalism, conducted by Dan Gillmor, director of the Knight centre for digital media entrepreneurship, at the University of Hong Kong.

Apr 2012, Invited lecture on social media at the Data Journalism class in the Journalism and Media Studies Centre of the University of Hong Kong.

Feb 2012, Joined the Institute of Civic Communication at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangdong, China, as voluntary advisor/ researcher (part-time).


Dec 2011, Invited lecture at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou. Topic as “How international media is using data visualization”, to graduate students in the journalism school.

Nov 2011, Panellist on social media, News World Summit in Hong Kong, invited by the Global Editors Network.

Oct 2011, Judging Panellist, 2011 Fundamentals of Freedom Asia Essay Contest, invited by the Fund for American Studies.

Sep 2011, Joined as member at the Foreign Correspondent Club, Hong Kong.

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